4 Exciting Features for the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are on the rise in luxury real estate. As homeowners increasingly look to create their own private oasis in the backyard, a cooking space has become just as coveted as a sparkling swimming pool and spacious terrace where the whole family can spend time together. If you want an outdoor kitchen that leaves nothing to be desired, here are few exciting features to include.

Deluxe Grill

The grilling station is often the centerpiece of the outdoor kitchen and essential for any warm-weather gathering in the backyard, which is why many homeowners choose to invest in a high-end option. If you want the versatility to prepare everyone’s favorite dishes, a deluxe grill that’s equipped with multiple burners, a rotisserie and a smoker box will ensure successful barbecues all season long.


When it comes to convenience, you simply can’t beat having your outdoor cooking area equipped with a refrigerator. This allows you to keep beverages, side dishes and any perishable ingredients nearby, avoiding the need to run back inside to the kitchen every time you need something. A sleek, stainless steel design is always a popular option to endure outdoor conditions without compromising on style.

Pizza Oven

If you want to mix up your menu and take a break from the grill, there’s nothing like a wood-burning pizza oven. With a wide variety of materials to choose from—such as natural stone, brick and clay, to name a few—you can get just the right aesthetic and elevate your outdoor kitchen to enjoy family pizza night on the patio.

Bar Area

For those who like to sip a cocktail or craft beer while lounging in the backyard, a well-designed bar area is in order. In addition to a bar counter and stools, you may want to include a prep area for mixing drinks, as well as a built-in kegerator that allows you to keep your favorite beer on tap. 

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